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Bird Nest Box Festival 2014
We are celebrating our second annual Bird Nest Festival starting on April 1.

We hope you will join in this adventure and put up a nest box or two in your garden!
Three different woodpeckers
Woodpeckers usually build their nests in the tree trunks, but some can be attracted to a nest box.
If you have a woodpecker nesting box, we would love to receive a photograph of it.
Downy Woodpeckers
A good indication that birds like these Downy Woodpeckers are going to nest nearby is when you have both the male and female visiting for some food.

If you make a Downy nest box, try to fill it with wood chips as the Downy really loves to excavate its nest.
Guilded Flicker
We won't be able to get all the birds to co-operate in this festival. This Guilded Flicker looks very content in its cactus home.
American Robin
Chestnut-backed Chickadees
Your can determine which types of nest boxes to build based on visitors you have had in the past,
especially if you've had visiting adult birds bringing their young to your feeding station.
Young House Finches
Red-breasted Nuthaches
If young birds visited by themselves last year perhaps they'll be ready to be building nests this year.
This happy young Red-breasted Nuthatch has just received a little tasty treat.
Swallows move into a Bluebird nest box   Bluebird
Sometimes, the birds you are expecting at your nest box don't show up and others move in. The swallows on the left were spotted by Claudia Gregoire of Glenville, NY, using a bluebird box. Meanwhile, bluebirds looked to be moving in to Donna Sharman's nest box just two days after it was put up. Donna lives in Virginia and sent us this interesting picture for the festival.
Click to visit the project page
Pine Siskin
We have added a few new nest box projects for you to try.
Just click on the images and you'll be taken to the project pages.
White-throated Nuthatch   Bird welcome
This White-throated Nuthatch is gathering a little nest material.
Donna Sharman also sent us this picture welcoming the birds home.
Nestbox - click to visit
By the way, make sure that any nest box you mount does not have a feeding table attached to it and is just a nest box like this one is and not a feeder as well . Nesting birds will not be attracted to your nesting box if other birds are feeding on their doorstep.
We hope that you will join us in this celebration!

We would really be interested in hearing from you if you have
had success with nest boxes or have any tips for us to pass on.

We would also be thrilled to receive any photographs of your nest boxes and their occupants.
You can e-mail us here.

Happy Nest Box Festival!
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