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Bird Feeding Table
This project requires some simple carpentry skills, but is worth the effort!
Fantastic feeding table with screen bottom
Not all birds like to feed at traditional bird feeders. Some, like juncos and various sparrows, are ground feeders and like to scrounge around for their food. In this project we're going to make a bird feeding table with a screen bottom so that when it rains the water can drain out so the seeds don't end up flooded.

This project requires a few simple carpentry skills. You'll need a few nails, 4 pieces of 1" x 2" cedar cut to the size of the table you want and four pieces of 1" x 3" cedar for the legs, cut to the height that you want. Also, you'll need a piece of screen netting and if you want to get really fancy, some thin strips of wood (1" x 1/8") to strengthen the screening.
18 inch length nails in 1 inch from the end
For our table, we cut the 1" x 2" pieces to 18 inch lengths. Since the legs are going to be 1 inch tick, nail one of the 18 inch pieces into the other 1 inch in. Then do the same at the opposite end. Use the picture of the finished table to get the idea.
Screen netting is cut to size and put in place
When all four pieces are nailed together attached the screen netting which you've cut to size. You can nail or staple this on.
Strips of wood are added to strength the things
We added small (1" x 1/8") lathes over the screen netting and some smaller pieces from one side to the other. This will help stop any sagging and protects you from any sharp strands of wire that may protrude.
The legs are secured
Next, nail the legs on. We cut the 1"' x 3" cedar into 36 inch lengths, but you could make yours longer or shorter. Nail from the extended sides as well as from the inside of the frame. For a stronger hold, a couple of screws or a bolt can be used.
The legs are secured
When the legs are attached, you should have a table looking something like this. Feel free to stain it if you wish. You might want to add some small furniture leg or chair glides to the bottom of the legs to keep them out of the rain. You'll find that the screen netting bottom lets the rain through and can be easily cleaned.
A junco helps itself
This Dark-eyed Junco soon discovered the seed in the table and plunged right in!
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