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Easyloader Tip
If you have a log feeder at your feeding station but find it messy to fill up, this tip will help make it simpler.
Log feeder
Log feeder with dowel
A log makes a great bird feeder. Simply drill in a few holes with a 3/4-inch drill bit. Make the holes about an inch deep. Birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches will be able to cling onto the log, but you might want to add a dowel for perching birds to use as well. You can find more ideas on our original suet log feeder project page.
Home-made suet
Here's a simple way to fill the log feeder holes quickly while keeping your hands clean in the process. Make your suet and pour it in a small bowl. Try to get it as deep as the hole you are going to fill, in this case about an inch. We have a variety of great home-made suet recipes here.
Apple corer
You'll need to use an apple corer which you might find at the back of your kitchen junk drawer or cheaply purchased at a dollar store.
Making a suiet plug with the apple corer
The second plug pushed out the first one
After you have let the freshly-made suet cool and set for a while in the fridge, use the apple corer to make small plugs. You'll find that the second plug will push out the first. When you have gone through all the mix, you can re-melt it and make a few more plugs.
Suet plugs ready to go
Put all your suet plugs in a small container and store
them away until your log is ready to be refilled.
Pileated Woodpecker
A Pileated Woodpecker drops by to investigate and take a sample.
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
A Chestnut-backed Chickadee takes advantage of the dowel perch while feeding on the suet.
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