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A Walk In the Woods - A Look at Fungi
Most of us are familiar with the typical mushroom shape used for our garden ornaments or sketches in children's books and comic strips.

However, with a multitude of colours adorning these un-heralded gems, a vast array of fungi awaits to be discovered in the nature’s collection of wonders.

  Fetid Tricholoma
Fetid Tricholoma, Tricholoma zelleri
Purple Cortinarius   Rosy Gomphidius
Purple Cortinarius, Cortinarius violaceus 
Rosy Gomphidius, Gomphidius subroseus 
Parrot Waxy Cap  

The variety of colours is evident everywhere, ranging from the dark purples and blacks to the two-tones of red and white.

Some are even green, hiding among the mosses of the forest floor.

Parrot Waxy Cap, Hygocybe psittacina

The forest visitor will be amazed with the mind-boggling assortment of shapes and colours.

The Coral Mushroom (right) has an almost surreal sea-plant appearance. It is easy to understood how it came to bear this name.

  Coral Mushroom
Coral Mushroom, Ramaria formosa group
Lepiota cristata  
Fancy patterns and wooly stems become even more amazing with an array of blending colors that any designer would be pleased to have created.
Lepiota cristata, (no common name)
There is also a great variation in sizes of fungi from those not much bigger than the pine needles …
  Red Cap Mushrooms
Red Cap Mushrooms, Mycena adonis
Polyporus Hirtus
Polyporus Hirtus, Jahnoporus hirtus
…to huge mushrooms that spread out over the forest floor,
dwarfing others trying to make these mossy areas home.
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