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Special Places in the Natural World
Alberta's Badlands
Curious eroded rock
Once upon a time this area of southeastern Alberta was lush and tropical and inhabited by great herds of numerous species of dinosaurs. Their bones were trapped in river sediment and than locked in ice for eons. The result is that this area is one of the world's most important sources of dinosaur remains and fossils.



Today visitors can observe fascinating buttes, gulches and canyons which are layered with coal, shale, mudstone and sandstone.

Some of the most curious features are pillars of stone called hoodoos. Wind and water have eroded the softer limestone with the harder mudstone stone remaining. Some hoodoos are topped by a hard capstone.

Gradually the hoodoo will collapse while new ones are slowly created.

Patterns of stone with eroded streaks
The fantastic formations, colours and history make this
constantly changing landscape a magical place to visit.
Take a photographic tour of the badlands by clicking below.
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